Morning Read: Guten Tag, Günther Grün!

Chris Lee has long been dogged about rumors about extramarital affairs.

Lee had been dating a young salesclerk from a Virginia mall.

Note to Mayor Bloomberg: Don’t make a crack about the drunken Irish in a room full of Irishmen.

Two police union chiefs they’re willing to negotiate ending a $12,000 annual pension supplement for cops hired in the future.

The Post sides with the police and firefighters on this one.

Public employees see the writing on the wall.

Snow and the city, by the numbers.

SUNY and CUNY want control over their tuition.

One-third of New Yorkers say that the thing they dislike most about taxis is their TV screens. 

The stock exchange appears to be going German: Goodbye, Gordon Gekko. Guten tag, Günther Grün! 

The city will shell out more than half a million dollars to settle a suit filed by the family of a 60-year-old  inmate killed at Rikers Island.

Truant students could get a wake-up call from Magic Johnson.

Albany struggles to agree on an ethics bill.

About 15% of all arrests in NYC were for marijuana.

Pedro Espada says that his health clinics have been approved for over  $1 million in new federal funds.

The Times says marriage equality is up to Andrew Cuomo.

The greenest building in New York State is eschewing the LEED certification program.

State auditors are investigating the possibility that one of the largest Medicaid providers in the state committed fraud.



Morning Read: Guten Tag, Günther Grün!