Morning Read: Keep Making Fat Jokes

Andrew Cuomo is expanding the scope of his office.

Democrats have been quiet about the race to replace Chris Lee.

Legislative leaders were noncommittal on Cuomo’s independent redistricting plan.

His plan will unite “communities of interest.”

The bill places pressure on Senate Republicans.

Mike Bloomberg proposed a budget that was the same size as last years.

Mayor Bloomberg blamed Albany.

The DN confronts Paul Egan: “Why do you want to talk to me, so you can keep making fat jokes?” he said

A new city policy is discouraging principals from saving money

The city wants to hire a NASA scientist to fix its 911 system.

A computerized system that places students in high school is turning into a boondoggle, says John Liu.

The Independence Party may have been complicit in John Haggerty’s crime.

Sarah Palin remained coy about her plans to run for president.

Dan Donovan’s calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the WFP have been ignored.

Pedro Espada spent $1 million on staff in his last six months in office.

Seniors groups are urging lawmakers to reject Cuomo’s plan to eliminate pharmaceutical insurance.

A rally was held in Brooklyn to call for vacancy de-control.



Morning Read: Keep Making Fat Jokes