Morning Read: Less Painful than Expected

Cuomo appears to have made little progress negotiating with public unions, and 9,800 possible layoffs loom large.

Assemblywoman Jane Corwin will be the GOP’s candidate for Chris Lee’s former seat.

The Tea Party could join in the fray, possibly led by one of Lee’s primary challengers.

The Times calls Bloomberg’s budget “less painful than expected”.

Budget analysts call some proposed cuts that would lead to layoffs more theatrical than pragmatic.

Chuck Schumer has warned of a potential government shutdown; here’s how it could happen.

The Daily News says that Skelos and Silver stalling on ethics reform shows the legislature’s unwillingness to cede redistricting powers to an independent commission.

A Health Department analysis found that HMOs are misusing state Medicaid funding.

Marty Markowitz testified his office is not “run like a frat house,” contradicting his chief of staff’s testimony in a sexual-discrimination lawsuit.

As Chicago voters head to the polls, it looks like Rahm Emanuel is in good shape.

Construction contractors in New York City are trying to bypass unions in order to keep wages low.

New York City teamsters are being bused to Wisconsin to support their union brethren.

The City Council wants to bar the city from selling off water bills.

The New York Education Department’s decision to score tests differently had “disastrous consequences” for schools, although less so for private schools.

The legal costs of getting rid of Hiram Monseratte: $376,646, in state money.

Environmental advocates praised Albany for using federal stimulus money on “worthy green projects”.

With John Liu’s support, two dozen city contracted workers received a $2.35 million settlement for withheld wages.

As rumors of presidential ambitions swirl around Chris Christie, his reputation rests on whether he can guide his state through a foundering economy.

Peter King continues to push for a posthumous pardon of boxer Jack Johnson, who was convicted on racially motivated charges. Morning Read: Less Painful than Expected