Morning Read: Public Concubinage

Bloomberg is going to replace light fixtures that contain the toxic chemical PCB in 772 city schools.

Lawmakers are criticizing the PCB removal plan.

Multi-home New York taxpayers who spend more than 183 days per year in New York City: consider yourselves warned.

A Vatican advisor said Cuomo shouldn’t be allowed to take communion because he lives with his girlfriend, calling the setup “public concubinage.”

Cuomo said his faith should be a private matter and declined to respond. Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard also seems to think it’s none of the Vatican’s business.

Wall Street is up, but executives’ cash bonuses are down.

Bloomberg wants to cut borough presidents’ budgets by up to 36%.

Meet David Bellavia, a co-founder of Iraq Veterans for Freedom and another candidate for Chris Lee’s NY-26 seat.

More NY-26 news: Jane Corwin’s hat is definitely in the ring.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still in the market for an NY-26 candidate.

That election may not happen as soon as originally planned, however.

Obama is not pleased with the Libya situation.

People- including some local politicians- are really mad about an anti-abortion billboard in SoHo.

Chris Christie wants to bring back some of the school funding that he cut in last year’s budget.

Cuomo is proposing a 4% cap on yearly Medicaid increases.

Senate Republicans are not co-sponsoring Cuomo’s redistricting proposal, and they’re preventing Senate Democrats from doing so as well.

Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan is introducing a bill that would end LIFO.

The UFT shells out big bucks for parties.

Schumer says he’s working on a bill to expand gun background checks.

George Clooney will not be running for office. Adjust accordingly.

Should Jeffrey Sachs, health care adviser to Cuomo, have registered as a lobbyist?

Morning Read: Public Concubinage