NY’s Allify Lets Developers Avoid Kissing Apple’s Ass

One of the big problems for folks developing mobile apps is the expensive and random process of promoting the finished product.

“Right now, the only way to get distribution for your application is to pay out the nose on an existing ad network, get “TechCrunched,” or to call in a favor at Apple (presuming you know someone there) and get featured on the iTunes homepage,” wrote NY Tech Meetup’s Nate Westheimer.

To combat this, Westheimer has launched a new project, Allify, in partnership with betaworks and Prehype, two digital studios that help incubate local startups.

Allify is essentially an advertising cartel in which members promote each other’s products. Developers earn credits based on how many ads they show and can redeem those credits for ads featuring their product on the Allify network.

At first this seems a bit like the blind leading the blind, but if a few apps turn into home runs the network might start to attract enough members that it becomes a real promotional asset. Of course, showing these ads will cut into whatever small revenue stream developers might see, but most will probably appreciate the trade off in terms of exposure.

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NY’s Allify Lets Developers Avoid Kissing Apple’s Ass