Oops: Upon further review, ticket-issuance figures at issue

The Attorney General’s office Wednesday reported inaccuracies in an earlier report of state police data, specifically regarding the number of violations issued covering a certain period of time.

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The AG’s office on Wednesday issued a Second Public Report on state police activity covering July 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2009. 

In addition, Attorney General Paula T. Dow announced that a report correcting mistakes in an earlier First Public Report and a Nineteenth Semiannnual Report was issued.

The earlier reports include a period when a federal consent decree was in place monitoring the State Police. That decree ended in 2009.

According to Dow’s office, the errors were attributed to computer programming issues for the counting of speeding summonses on the N.J. Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway from December 2008 to September 2010.

In those two earlier reports, traffic stops in which troopers wrote at least one ticket for a moving violation were undercounted, while stops in which troopers issued non-moving violations were inflated, the AG’s office reported.

Oops: Upon further review, ticket-issuance figures at issue