Parliament Lights No More! President Obama Finally Quits Smoking

America’s most well-known smoker has kicked the habit. In a press conference earlier today, Michelle Obama told reporters that her husband has not lit up in “almost a year,” and that he has no current plans to smoke in the near future. This is breaking news.

For more on the matter, let’s check out the AP writeup.

The president himself has discussed his struggles with nicotine addiction, acknowledging in June 2009 that he still sneaked the occasional puff. The White House last addressed the topic in December, when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he hadn’t seen Obama smoke in nine months but stopped short of asserting that he’d quit.

The First Lady added that parting ways with smoking was a “personal challenge” for the president and she’s “very proud.” Surely the Republicans can use this as attack fodder somehow, no?

The revelation leaves us with questions — What made the man stop? Was there a moment of truth, when audacious hope prevailed over the sweet rush of nicotine to the head? A time when the soothing crackle of a burning cherry no longer piqued the senses of our commander in chief?

One thing’s for sure: the White House staff must be cleaning up a lot more Nicorette wrappers these days.

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Parliament Lights No More! President Obama Finally Quits Smoking