Passaic BA charged with cocaine possession in Hoboken, fired by Mayor Blanco

Hoboken Police last night arrested Passaic Business Administrator Anthony Iacono and charged him with cocaine possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, Possession of prescription legend drugs, tampering with physical evidence, driving while under the influence, and numerous motor vehicle infractions, according to Chief Anthony Falco. 

Police stopped Iacono at First and Grand after he allegedly drove the wrong way down a one-way street.

The stop occured at 10:36 p.m., Falco told Cops released Iacono from their custody last night on summonses and Falco said they did not yet know the results of Iacono’s toxicology tests.

The former business administrator for Paramus, Iacono went to the City of Passaic in the summer of 2009.

Mayor Alex Blanco issued an afternoon statement indicating that he fired Iacono this morning.

“The allegations against Mr. Iacono are serious,” the mayor said. “While I am saddened for Mr. Iacono’s family, my administration is committed to a zero-tolerance policy in regard to misconduct. This morning I ordered the termination of Mr. Iacono from his position as business administrator effective immediately. I have been in constant contact with City Council President Gary S. Schar, who has been in communication with the members of the Council regarding this issue.

“Since my election as Mayor, I have sought to bring a new vision and higher ethical standard to the manner by which the government of the City of Passaic, its employees and its elected officials conduct themselves. My administration will address misconduct in the same manner regardless of their position. The hardworking residents of Passaic deserve nothing less.”


Passaic BA charged with cocaine possession in Hoboken, fired by Mayor Blanco