Paterson on Cuomo, Crossing the Street and Life After the Executive Mansion

Former Gov. David Paterson spoke last night at a panel about the future of pensions and public employees and after cracking wise about how he, on account of his blindness, would ignore the moderator’s time limit, told the audience that “the pension fund problem is greater than anyone in this room can imagine,” and he predicted that pension funds would undergo massive write-downs in the future.

Afterwards, Paterson told The Politicker that he is enjoying his life after politics.

“When you wake up in the morning and don’t have to worry that something went wrong that you may not even know about, and it’s your fault, it’s a wonderful morning,” he said.

Paterson had expressed concern prior to leaving office that he would have trouble adjusting to a new life after the relatively cossetted lifestyle of a governor and lieutenant governor.

“I hadn’t crossed a street in four years. I had been moved around by the state police,” he said last night. “So I was crossing Third Avenue and the cars were coming and I couldn’t really remember where you are standing when they let you go and where you are standing when they drive through. So I decided to go and this taxi decided to go, but maybe because he knew it was me he didn’t hit me.”

And Paterson said that he was following the events in Albany and he had high praise for his sucessor.

“I have an actual interest in government and I really think we’ve got a great governor and I want to see him do well,” Paterson said. “I have been checking in to see what he’s doing, and I tell you, he has pitched a perfect game so far.”

Paterson on Cuomo, Crossing the Street and Life After the Executive Mansion