Politico: Christie new RGA policy vice chairman

Politico reports that the Republican Governors Association will name New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to be its new policy vice chairman today.

The GOP envisions the job as opposition leader to the Obama administration and promote conservative governance in the states.

In a statement announcing the appointment, “Texas Gov. and RGA Chairman Rick Perry said Christie’s new role will make the first-term governor an even bigger player in national policy debates,” according to Politico.

“Since the moment he took office, Governor Christie has been a powerful example of the tremendous impact governors can make in their states and nationwide,” Perry said in the Politico story. “As the RGA’s Policy Vice Chairman, Governor Christie will be a valuable leader as the RGA continues to strengthen our policy arm.” 

Christie’s role will put him directly under Mississippi Gov. and RGA policy chairman Haley Barbour in the organization’s hierarchy.

Politico: Christie new RGA policy vice chairman