Post-HuffPo, Who’s Up For Sale?

A forward-looking item over at The New York Times‘ DealBook today asks: Which companies could, possibly, follow The Huffington Post into the arms of some deep-pocketed acquirer?

The Times mentions a few potential candidates for hypothetical buyouts: Gawker Media, Glam Media and Business Insider.

To find out whether there was any substance behind buyout speculation, The Observer decided to reach out to Business Insider’s Henry Blodget, Gawker’s Nick Denton and David Cho, publisher of The Awl. Here are their responses.

Mr. Blodget, who’s currently having a little fun with The Times over his company’s status, was fairly coy in resonding to The Observer:

I don’t recall putting out a FOR SALE sign, but if someone pulls up at the curb with a truck full of cash, we’ll be happy to chat with them.

Mr. Cho:

Our main focus is obviously to grow our business. I think if we found a partner or opportunity that would help us do that, then we wouldn’t not be interested in pursuing something. Also, even if we were to enter into an agreement or even sell, we would still want to be actively involved in the way the business was run and managed — which is pretty common for arrangements like that (see: CollegeHumor, Huffington Post, etc.).

In a follow-up email, we asked Mr. Cho if The Awl had already been approached by any buyers, to which he replied, “We’ve always garnered some interest from various people, but clearly we’ve yet to execute on anything.”

Mr. Denton, meanwhile, flipped the script, saying he sees Gawker as more of an acquirer than a target:

We did look for investment at the end of 2008 when it seemed like the world might be ending. But we’re not in the market — except maybe to pick up a smaller site like we did Cityfile.

A representative from Glam Media has so far not returned requests for comment, but we’ll update when we hear from them.

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Post-HuffPo, Who’s Up For Sale?