Readability App Rejected, Team Cries Foul in Blog Post

Readability, the subscription web service that allows readers to strip content down to its bare bones Instapaper-style, recently had its iOS app rejected from the Apple Store for infringing the new subscription rules. Or, as Gizmodo put it, “Readability App Becomes Victim of Apple’s Dumb Subscription Policy.”

The team behind Readability responded to the rejection today in a blog post that argues broader implications in Apple’s actions.

We’re obviously disappointed by this decision, and surprised by the broad language. By including “functionality, or services,” it’s clear that you intend to pursue any subscription-based apps, not merely those of services serving up content.

Before we cool down and come to our senses, we might as well share how we’re feeling right now: we believe that your new policy smacks of greed.

Well it indicates a swagger, that’s for sure! Mashable points out that the app rejection is particularly annoying because the app was merely supposed to be a bonus for web subscribers, people who theoretically use the service in a browser. We’ll no doubt be seeing more of this sort of thing as Apple establishes how it plans to implement its subscription rules. In the mean time there’s always Google!

  Readability App Rejected, Team Cries Foul in Blog Post