Regicide! With Bracha Out at Elliman, DeNiro Snags His Crown

Earlier this week, The Observer practically annointed Ilan Bracha the new king of New York City’s real estate brokers. He’d led the top team at the city’s largest brokerage Prudential Douglas Elliman for two years running, while also running a successful development company.

Well, it appears the king has been knocked off his throne, and not simply because he left Douglas Elliman to set up a competing franchise for Keller Williams. Raphael DeNiro, the fabulously shy son of the fabulously shy actor, and his DeNiro Group topped the list at last night’s annual awards celebration. In fact, Bracha did not even make the Top 10, a spot he has enjoyed almost since he began with the firm in 2004.

It was not clear whether this was because Bracha had not made the cut in terms of sales–at lunch last week, he seemed to think so–or simply because he was no longer with Douglas Elliman. That said, a spokesperson did inform The Observer that DeNiro ran the top-performing team regardless of Bracha’s standing, and that is after finishing eighth last year, no less. So there you have it. Looks like The Times was right, and DeNiro is the king after all.

His queen is, as always, the inimitable I. Dolly Lenz, who has been the top-selling individual broker for as long as anyone can remember.

Here are the rest of the winners, as per an Elliman release:

The award for Top Team by transactions went to The Joyce Kafati-Batarse Team, led by Ms. Kafati-Batarse.

Other individuals recognized for Top GCI were Marcos Cohen (#2), Kym Spiegel (#3), Melanie Lazenby (#4), Teresa Solomon Wuest (#5), Andre Rouach (#6), Arthur Fenton (#7), Leslie Mason (#8), Polly Chang (#9), and Audrey Ruden (#10).

Top Groups in GCI were The Leonard Steinberg-Luxury Loft Group (#2), The Ann Cutbill Lenane Team (#3), The Janice Chang Team (#4), The Holly Parker Team (#5), The Daniela Kunen Team (#6), The Jacky Teplitzky Team (#7), The Kotler Group (#8), The Katzen Group (#9), and The Adam Rothman Team (#10).

By transaction, Top Individuals named were Robert Nicoletti (#2), Greg Williamson (#3), David Glick (#4), Louis Leone (#5), Henry Orenstein (#6), Ellen Rick (#7), Elyse Dubin (#8), Lynne White (#9), and Jerry Minsky (#10).

Additional Group awards for most transactions went to The De Niro Group (#2), The Jacky Teplitzky Team (#3), The Ann Cutbill Lenane Team (#4), The Dawn Tsien Team (#5), The Katzen Group (#6), The Leonard Steinberg Group (#7), The Todd Stevens Team (#8), The Ron Lense Team (#9), and The Voda Group (#10). 

The Top Retail and Commercial Award by Highest GCI went to The Faith Hope Consolo Group. The Dana Commercial Group won the Top Retail and Commercial Award by transactions.  The Hoffman Meier Group was presented with the 2010 award for Most Sales Exclusives in Manhattan; The Werde/Ettelson Team was presented with Most Sales Exclusives in Brooklyn. The award for Most Rental Transactions went to The Kotler Group in Manhattan and The Allan Gerovitz Team won the same distinction for Brooklyn. Top winners for DE Development include Holly Parker, for Highest Volume, and The L-Haus Sales Team for Most Signed Contracts.

Pinnacle Award winners, for agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2010, include Abigail Agranat, The Andrew Anderson Team, The Vickey Barron Team, The Janice Chang Team, The Cohen Group, Marcos Cohen, The Faith Hope Consolo Group, The De Niro Group, The Robert Dvorin Team, Wilbur Gonzalez, The Haber Team, Jan Hashey, The Hoffman Meier Group, Joyce Kafati-Batarse, The Debra Kameros Team, The Katzen Group,  The Kotler Group, The Daniela Kunen Team, Melanie Lazenby, The Ann Cutbill Lenane Team, The Lense Group, I. Dolly Lenz, The Ruth Indyk Lubick & Richard Gerringer Team, The Margolis Group, The Holly Parker Team, The Michael Rosenblum & Sandy Gansberg Team, The Adam Rothman Team, The Sabrina Saltiel Team, Kym Spiegel, The Leonard Steinberg Group,  Darren Sukenik, The Jacky Teplitzky Team, The Patty Vance Team and The Voda Group.

Industry newcomers, Connie Rodriguez and Rezwan Sharif, picked up Rookie of the Year awards, for Manhattan and Brooklyn, respectively, and Susan Sperber was recognized for her career-long contributions to the business with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Tina Gilmore-Gist and James “DJ” White were recognized by the firm as employees who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty, sharing the esteemed Team Player award. Yuval Greenblatt was presented with the Peter Kelleher Award, an honor given in memory of a beloved manager at PDE who represented a determination to succeed in spite of obstacles with a positive attitude, while giving unto others.  

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Regicide! With Bracha Out at Elliman, DeNiro Snags His Crown