Ronson Sisters Rock the Runway for Charlotte’s Fall 2011 Collection

You know a designer is white-hot if people are trying to buy your ticket to their show.  On the way into Charlotte Ronson yesterday, the Observer was stopped by a couple who asked us to name our price.  

“You have a ticket to Charlotte’s show? Oh my God, can I buy it?” asked a heavily made-up woman in her 40’s. Journalistic ethics (and a big security guard who ushered the couple out of the way) prevented us from answering.

The Ronson show felt younger and less self-conscious than many. Asymmetrical haircuts and perilously high-shoes were de rigueur for the guests. Kim Kardashian, Mena Suvari and Olivia Munn all turned up to support their friends.  Ronson’s clothes were full of earthy basics in taupe and muted green with the occasional little black dress. In keeping with her East Village-y vibe, she’d cut out holes in the models’ tights. Annabelle Dexter-Jones, the youngest Ronson sister, took her turn down the runway. Taller than her half-sisters, she has the Cheshire cat grin of her father, Foreigner’s lead singer Mick Jones.  

The music, provided by Charlotte’s twin sister Samantha, was the best we’ve heard so far on the runways.

On our way out we bumped into our favorite party charm, Russell Simmons. “What did you think of the show?” we asked.

“I have been friends with the Ronson family for a long time and I’ve watched them all grow up and do the most incredible things. I mean I knew Annabelle when she was just a tiny thing.”

“Hey Russell,” shouted a voice from the left, “You’re the first celebrity that I’ve seen in New York. I’ve lived here for three years and you’re the first one.”

 Mr. Simmons, clearly used to such adoring adulation from rabid fans, merely smiled and walked on.

When we reached the curb, he climbed into the back of his Maybach and sped off to his next event.

  Ronson Sisters Rock the Runway for Charlotte’s Fall 2011 Collection