Roundup: Cuomo Has a Strategy, Ravitch Has a Memoir

Unions: Rangel rallies for labor. [Youtube]

Governmental Shutdown: probably not happening in the next two weeks. [The Hill]

Governors’ Meeting: “Obama didn’t just offer compromise to Republican governors. He challenged state chiefs over their treatment of unions.” [AP]

Chris Christie: Lightening round answers; Obama’s best pick is Arne Duncan. [Youtube]

Capping Salaries: Cuomo targets superintendents. [Capital Tonight]

Redesigning Medicaid: Cuomo’s plan to cap malpractice lawsuits may lead to a lawsuit. [Cityroom]

Positioning Cuomo: Vielkind explains Cuomo’s handling of labor. [Captial New York]

Questioning Bloomberg: Somebody get Larry Littlefield a press pass. [Observer]

Ravitch’s Memoir: Untitled; PublicAffairs is the publisher; due next year. [CityRoom]

Taegan Goddard: Wisconsin labor fight “awakens Democrats, recognizing that this is a constituency they need to support and maintain” [WNYC]

Corporate Elections: John Liu wants to end “staggered” terms for board members. []

Twitter Impersonators: Punk Planet founder Dan Sinker is @MayorEmanuel. Unclear whether Emanuel now has to pay up as promised. [Gawker]

Photos: Rep. King and Princess al-Hussein. [Flickr]

Radioactive Waste: Schneiderman’s lawsuit picks up momentum. []

Spitzer TV: Celeste Katz entertains a joke. [Daily News]

[with Amanda Sterling]

Roundup: Cuomo Has a Strategy, Ravitch Has a Memoir