School Aid figures released

The state Department of Education released annual state aid figures late yesterday, making good on a promise of the governor of additional help for schools.

A total of $7.068 billion was awarded to 582 school districts throughout the state, up from $6.848 billion last year.

Gov. Chris Christie had promised $250 million in additional aid as part of his budget speech on Tuesday.  According to the DOE, every district in the state was awarded more aid than last year.

In total, $219 million went to direct aid, while $11 million went to expand the Interdistrict School Choice program and $4 million was added to the funding for public charter schools.

“Because of the foundation we set in last year’s budget, and our responsible management of the state’s finances, New Jersey is on firmer footing and we are able to put more funding into classrooms throughout New Jersey,” Christie said, adding that money alone will not fix the system, true reform is needed.

Last year, 60 districts in the state received no aid, and dozens of others received only a marginal amount. 

As it did last year, the largest chunk of aid went to the Newark School District, which was awarded over $681 million, up $6 million from last year.

Jersey City was next at $396 million.

Check out aid to every district here:

School Aid figures released