Schumer Warns Against ‘Radical’ Egypt

Senator Chuck Schumer warned today that the U.S. must not permit an Islamic regime to assume power in Egypt.

“The role of the United States is to promote a pro-democratic government,” said Schumer. “Pro-opportunity. Pro-American. And not fundamentalist.”

Schumer made his remarks at a news conference in his midtown office.

The Senator said that protests like these pose a danger to the region because radical, nondemocratic forces, like the Muslim Brotherhood, could easily takeover. According to Schumer, the U.S. has to be guard against this at all cost.

“The role of the United States is to channel these legitimate grievances of the people towards democracy and economic opportunity and away from dictatorship,” he said.

Protests have raged in the region for the last 18 days. After President Hosni Mubarak resigned earlier today, the Egyptian army took control over the country. Schumer looks to the army to provide a peaceful way to transition to a new democratic government.

“The army is a stabilizing force, and hopefully they will lead the transition to democracy in Egypt and will prevent anti-democratic radical elements from taking hold of this revolution,” he said.  

On the cusp of a new government regime in one of the U.S.’s most important regional allies, Schumer hopes relations between the two countries remain strong.

“America and Egypt have had a long and productive relationship,” he said. “They were our partner.”

Schumer Warns  Against ‘Radical’ Egypt