Schumer Warns of Impending Government Shutdown [VIDEO]

Chuck Schumer took to the airwaves over the weekend to warn about a coming government shutdown, an event whose blame he laid firmly at the feet of Republicans in Congress.

“I hope we can negotiate somewhere in the middle. That’s what should be done,” he told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “But unfortunately Speaker Boehner is on course for a shutdown.”

The prospect of a government shutdown is looking increasingly likely, even if there is not the kind of high-stakes game of chicken that accompanied the 1995 shutdown, and it would affect vast swaths of the nation, including seniors and veterans who rely on government checks, not to mention millions of federal workers who would be locked out.

Writes the blog Crooked Timber:  

Now with the shutdown due on March 4, I’m even more puzzled. It seems virtually certain that the shutdown will take place, and even more likely than before that it will be protracted. It’s true that there is a lot happening in the US, and the world, to distract our attention. But precisely for that reason, a shutdown of the government in Washington will be a much bigger deal than it was in 1995. Yet no one seems particularly worried, or even interested.

Schumer said that Republicans have not been behaving like “adults, insisting on  draconian level of spending cuts before Senate Democrats have had a chance to negotiate. 

Take a look:


  Schumer Warns of Impending Government Shutdown [VIDEO]