Science Proves Kate Middleton is Fashion Week’s Biggest Buzzword

What we already knew has been confirmed — the phrase “Kate Middleton” is more important than any other phrase this Fashion Week. In a press release sent out today, the Texas-based analysis firm Global Language Monitor has confirmed that the princess-to-be toppled Lady Gaga from the top spot in the list of reigning fashion phrases. The surge was due to the overwhelming anticipation for her April 29 wedding.

The first line of the release is a gem.

Kate Middleton, the commoner set to marry Prince William in Westminster Abbey on April 29 who is having a most uncommon effect upon the world of fashion…

From commoner to common-not! The firm also cited the insane demand for the instantly iconic blue Issa dress Middleton wore to the engagement press conference — it was sold out online in hours.

The choice of Middleton as the number one validates these seemingly arbitrary computation services, but an anomoly slipped in as well. At number twenty is the phrase “Jersey Shore wear,” which should never be awarded buzzword status.

The full list is below.

1.     Kate Middleton – Kate dethrones Lady Gaga as the No. 1 fashion buzzword for the upcoming season, reaching a crescendo on the occasion of her April 29th wedding to Prince William.

2.     Lady Gaga – Gaga’s global influence continues unabated especially among her ever-growing legions of ‘little monsters’.

3.     Sheer – Translucent, transparent and transcendent again en vogue for the season.

4.     Shirt Dresses – From the Upper East Side to 6th Street in Austin to LaJolla, California shirt dresses are everywhere (and everywhen),

5.     Sustainable Style – Clothing make of recycled fabrics now entering the mainstream. 

6.     Articulated Platforms – Move over Armadillos, platforms are taking on a life of their own, now to be found with every type of embellishments from McQueen inspired butterflys, to florals and feathers. What’s new?  Flatforms.

7.     MoBama – Moving up the list again after a lackluster 2010.

8.     Stripes – Classic black and white stripes with striking mathematically inspired motifs.

9.     Flowers Everywhere – Monet redux:  As if Monet updated his water lily meme to the 21st      c. catwalk.

10.    Blocked Colors – Bright and bold, color blocks are ever so popular (and fashionable).

11.    Edun – Mrs. Bono’s (Ali Hewson) line of ethical couture gets a boost with the Louis Vuitton for Edun bag. 

12.    White Shirts – Clean and crisp for a classic, say Aubrey Hepburn, look.

13.    Fruit vs. Fruit Salad – Either way fruit is big (as are animals).  Veggies?  Not so much.

14.    Leggins – Flourishing around the globe. Women voting with their feet, er, legs.

15.    Anime – Anime inspired looks with big eyes and pursed lips; definitely not haute but hot, especially among young Asians.  

16.    That ‘70s Look – The Neo-Bohemian, updated from the ‘60s but cleaner and more refined

17.    Embellishments – Embellishments now encompass tassels, pewter, sequins and studs to anything else that works.

18.    Black Swan – Natalie Portman’s adds to the ever-popular ballerina meme.

19.    Yama Girls – Trekking outfits include fleece miniskirts brightly colored leggings and style-conscious boots.

20.    Jersey Shore wear – Unsophisticated, tawdry, outrageous, And definitely not to be seen in polite company. But that’s precisely the point, isn’t it.

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Science Proves Kate Middleton is Fashion Week’s Biggest Buzzword