Stack Overflow Will Now Make Search Smart, Less Spammy

Stack Overflow’s dedicated user base has made it the web’s best resource for questions on topics as far flung as computer programming, cooking and amateur photography.

Now this trove of knowledge will be integrated with upstart search engine Blekko, which is taking on giants like Google and Bing by offering users heavily curated results.

Blekko’s idea is to help users can cut down on spammy search results by adding “slash tags” to help sort the web. Users can sort by political fields like “liberal/conservative” or by verticals like “tech/sports.”

Stack Overflow’s army of power editors will now curate the results on programming-related slash tags like “Java” and “Linux.” It’s a welcome chance for many to earn reputation in a community that’s become notoriously hard for newcomers to enter.

“I’d be willing to help in the tags that I’m most active in,” wrote user Tim Post. “I really like what Blekko is doing, and I love finding information that I need without having to sift through a mountain of crud.”

Google is actually adopting a similar model, asking users to help it identify spammy sites it can block. But the Stack Overflow community is far more engaged and accurate than the masses on which Google is relying.

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Stack Overflow Will Now Make Search Smart, Less Spammy