That Was Quick – The Daily Coming To Android This Spring

The sheets are still warm from the joint rollout of The Daily by Apple and Newscorp, but it sounds like the iPad only newspaper is already playing the field. 

Peter Kafka writes this morning that The Daily will be headed to Android tablets as soon as this spring. This move was expected,”But I’m still a bit surprised to see the move to Google come this early, given the emphasis that News Corp. had placed on its Apple relationship prior to launch earlier this month,” wrote Kafka. 

In fact, at the launch event for The Daily, Murdoch said that, “We think last year, this year, and next year will belong to the iPad.” Guess Apple will have to learn how to share. 

Kafka also drops the nugget that subscriptions are ahead of expecations so far, so it will be fun to see if that changes when the free trial period ends this week. 

As The Observer reported earlier this week, News Corp. opted to go outside of Apple for premium advertising, choosing NYC’s Medialets istead, but has been relying on Apple for continuing technical support as it gets The Daily off the ground. 

bpopper [at] | @benpopper That Was Quick – The Daily Coming To Android This Spring