The New York Times Ebook Bestseller List, Now In Print

Amazon isn’t the only one noticing an increase in book sales

Last week, the company announced that it now sells more ebooks than print ones. For every 100 print books sold in 2010, Amazon sold 115 ebooks. Now the New York Times is getting in on the action.

The Grey Lady will begin listing ebook sales starting next week. As announced last fall, the New York Times is going to include ebooks on their Bestseller List. The new list will be available online next Friday and in print in the Sunday Book Review on February 13.

Book trade mag Publisher’s Weekly got a sneak peak of the list yesterday. Despite the inclusion of ebooks, the Times is still adopting a bit of a wait-and-see attitude towards how the bestsellers are determined.

According to Publisher’s Weekly,The New York Times says that it will not statistically weight ebook sales to reflect nationwide numbers–as they do with the print list–“until the industry is more settled.”

The list may reflect better reflect the digital age but some things don’t change–James Patterson is still number one.

  The New York Times Ebook Bestseller List, Now In Print