Tina to Arianna: Chicks Before Picks

Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington were interviewed together by Harper’s Bazaar, because they are both women who run media companies that were recently merged and also they used to hang out in England.

It’s very indulgent and congratulatory, but whatever, they’ve earned it. And it has its charms! Like when they say they wouldn’t poach each other’s staffers (for fact-checkers: Huffington poached Howard Fineman days before the NewsBeast merger was announced).

TB: I suppose I do feel like with my friendship [with Arianna], I wouldn’t go after her staff, for example. Not that I would turn down someone who’s leaving who has come to me. And I’m appreciative of the fact that Arianna hasn’t done that with me. It’s not a hands-off policy, but it’s just that I haven’t wanted to do that.

AH: Yes, absolutely.

That might sound sorority-sister-cliquish, but they have a sound rationale. They say that in the “linked economy” of online media, it’s wise to stay friendly with the news sources that are your aggregation lifeblood.

The interview is also a primer on the Tina Brown style guide–talent is “frothing,” Huffington is a “figura and there’s an analogy about the Clinton’s marriage we only half understand.

Oh and Huffington is still pushing this “sleep” thing:

Women do success differently [than men]. We learn to bring more balance into our lives–to unplug and recharge. We women really need to be the pioneers here. I was particularly cognizant of that after Richard Holbrooke died. The kind of stressful life men wear as a badge of honor … There are all these type-A women out there, and we need to live in a way that’s not so exhausting and stressful. How many men say, “I get only four hours’ sleep” or “I’m working around the clock”?

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Tina to Arianna: Chicks Before Picks