Tumblr’s Fashion Cred Sealed

The legion of fashion bloggers, the party with PAPER on the roof of the Empire Hotel, partnering with Vogue–Tumblr has been all over Fashion Week, blogging, reblogging and getting its picture taken.

The design-friendly startup also beat New York’s Fashism as well as FashionGPS, ShopKick and BigLive in a popular vote on Twitter for “Next Big Thing in Tech” at the Fashion 2.0 awards (DKNY swept most of the other categories by campaigning shamelessly).

Meanwhile, nerdy competitor Posterous let everything hang out to Liz Gannes at All Things D today, reminding us that Tumblr’s mouthy West Coast cousin–which once accused Tumblr of being “high school”–is about a sixth of Tumblr’s size.

All the glamour, and all the users. We may have a real winner here, New York–if Tumblr can keep the server-eating pests at bay, that is.

ajeffries [at] observer.com | @adrjeffries

Tumblr’s Fashion Cred Sealed