Upstart Search Engine Blekko Blocks Demand Media and Other “Content Farms”

The up-and-coming search engine Blekko is pushing for a smarter kind of search. The site, which is making Google at least a little nervous, is attempting to train users to use “slash tags” to refine their queries.

“You know the sites you want search results from and you know the spammers, SEO gamers and content farms that just get in the way,” Blekko says. “So get out there and slash the web: slash in the sites you like and slash out the ones you don’t.”

Blekko’s web search bill of rights:

  1. Search shall be open
  2. Search results shall involve people
  3. Ranking data shall not be kept secret
  4. Web data shall be readily available
  5. There is no one-size-fits-all for search
  6. Advanced search shall be accessible
  7. Search engine tools shall be open to all
  8. Search & community go hand-in-hand
  9. Spam does not belong in search results
  10. Privacy of searchers shall not be violated

But now Blekko is doing some slashing of its own. Blekko has blocked at least 20 content farmy sites, according to TechCrunch, including Demand Media’s eHow and Answerbag. If Blekko is right about the future of search (especially #5 and #9) it suggests Demand Media’s recent I.P.O. maybe wasn’t such a great idea. For a thorough primer on how to use Blekko, check out Marshall Kirkpatrick’s guide at ReadWriteWeb.

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Upstart Search Engine Blekko Blocks Demand Media and Other “Content Farms”