Weiner Defends Obama, Says G.O.P. ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Job Losses [VIDEO]

Anthony Weiner took to his favorite pulpit over at MSNBC last night to decry Republican efforts to trim the federal budget.

“Republicans quite frankly don’t know how to govern this country,” he said on The Last Word. “When they say we don’t about whether or not jobs are lost, they mean it. They don’t care.”

Weiner was responding to an earlier clip from John Boehner, and in the Speaker of the House’s defense, he was saying that Republicans don’t care about how many government jobs are lost.

Weiner, who has been withering in some of his criticism of President Obama, last night struck a different tone, saying that some liberal critics had gone too far and encouraging progressives to get serious about reducing waste from the budget.

But he did knock the President for his plan to cut LIHEAP funding, which provides aid for seniors to heat their homes.

“You don’t get very much savings by slashing heating assistance for poor seniors by fifty percent. But I think it’s an effort by the president to say to both sides, look I am trying to get something done and be reasonable, in stark contrast to the Republican budget, which is really off the wall.”

Take a look:

Weiner Defends Obama, Says G.O.P. ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Job Losses [VIDEO]