Who Is the Gonzo Fashion Illustrator in Our Inbox?

The Observer received by email today a set of illustrations depicting a scantily-clad Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Karl Lagerfeld descending on missiles in order to destroy Milan–evidently in advance of Milan’s fashion week. The email included a link to a website with commentary on the pictures–complaining about the Milanese fashion press and adding, “we shouldn’t be wasting time with these walking corpses, we will be back soon to reveal many awkward and entertaining facts which will certainly help freshen you breath daily.”

Who is sending the Observer these mysterious illustrations? (We also received, at the beginning of Fashion Week, a brightly colored drawing of Marc Jacobs covered in stars.) Previously, the artist had published an illustration of Conde Nast’s Jonathan Newhouse in red, white, and blue body paint straddling the Empire State Building, evidently to convey a company policy regarding outside freelancing. It is always thus on the site, called “Humor Chic”–not-particularly-scandalous stories with mind-bogglingly weird illustrations. The site, which is not safe for work, is the work of one Alexsandro Palombo, an artist and fashion designer who once “revolutionized the world of Knitwear.” (He chooses to capitalize the ‘X’ in his first name to symbolize Jesus Christ.) What purpose the Observer‘s receipt of the drawings might serve is unclear, but perhaps publicizing the art might lead to Palombo’s ceasing, or communicating with us more. Which would be worse?

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