Wimberly endorses Girgenti’s re-election

A long time incumbent already facing a primary opponent in hometown rival Jeffrey Gardner, state Sen. John Girgenti (D-35) of Hawthorne won’t have to worry about bucking potentially one of his strongest adversaries from Paterson this year.  

That’s because At-Large Councilman Benjie E. Wimberly, the top vote-getter in Silk City’s municipal races last year, has endorsed the re-election of Girgenti.

“I may be interested in running for the Senate sometime in the future, but there is no vacancy this year,” Wimberly told PolitickerNJ.com. “I am endorsing Senator Girgenti.”

Insiders have speculated that Paterson would put up an urban alternative given the fact that right now there are just two candidates from suburban rim town Hawthorne vying for the nomination. Of course, there is also the thought that Hawthorne and Paterson will not even be in the same district after the redistricting process.

In any event, Wimberly, who heads up recreation activities for the Paterson School District, won’t be that candidate.

“I have had no discussions with the mayor (Jeffrey Jones) about running for the state Senate seat,” Wimberly said. “Maybe someday, I would like that, yes. But not now. There is no vacancy. Senator Girgenti is running for re-election, and I back him.”

Wimberly endorses Girgenti’s re-election