Wisniewski believes Christie has White House ambitions

TRENTON – Count Assemblyman John Wisniewski, (D-19), of Sayreville, as another person who believes Gov. Chris Christie has presidential ambitions.

The chairman of the Democratic State Committee  said one only has to look at the governor’s actions, particularly his own rise.

“He’s been in California, Iowa, the American Enterprise Institute,” he said. “He is doing all the things that a presidential candidate does.”

Christie has been adamant that he does not have presidential ambitions.

Wisniewski said during a press conference Tuesday morning that the governor’s plans to portray teachers and public employees as beneficiaries of generous health benefits and pensions “may suit his presidential ambitions,” but does little to solve the state’s problems.

Wisniewski said neither he nor fellow Democrats feel any need to blunt Christie’s ascending popularity, believing the governor’s association with some other conservatives in his own party will take care of that.

“He will halt his own rise,” Wisniewski predicted.

Wisniewski believes Christie has White House ambitions