Woody Allen Gets Self-Deprecating About His Clarinet Skills

It was an eyeball-to-eyeball meeting of the world’s most iconic glasses. Spectacular, you might even say. Last night, at the amfAR gala, Woody Allen spoke to The Observer about his friendship with Elton John.

“Yes, I’m excited,” Allen said in reference to the song Elton would be performing with Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and Dionne Warwick. “I mean I know Elton slightly–he’s been to my house for dinner and I know him and I like him very much.”

What about Stevie?

“Have I, have I seen him?” said Allen. “Um, just in passing. I haven’t been to any concerts or anything, no. But I very rarely go to concerts, of any sort.”

Maybe Woody doesn’t spring for tickets all the time, but he does maintain his long-time residency playing jazz clarinet at The Carlyle.

“Yeah I do, I do,” he conceded.

Then he sighed.

“But it doesn’t count, it’s not up there on that level,” he said in that despondent tone, and gestured with a limp hand toward the stage where the icons would soon stand.

He thanked us and pulled out the chair for his wife, Soon-Yi, who had maintained the same blank look during our conversation. It was impossible to imagine her ever speaking a word.

Later we noticed that, to the credit of the party planners, police commissioner Ray Kelly had been seated at the same table as Woody Allen, just a few seats away. Anyone for Crimes and Misdemeanors II?

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Woody Allen Gets Self-Deprecating About His Clarinet Skills