Zac Efron Attends His Very First Runway Show, Calvin Klein

Three name cards were set at yesterday’s Calvin Klein Men’s show, and they would portend the feeling of the rest of the event: “JOE JONAS… ZAC EFRON… AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE.”

A front row lineup for the ages! The Efron-Jonas power duo arrived in near-matching suits — one black, one gray — fitted snugly and affixed with a certain type of skinny tie. The cut was such that they had basically walked out of the pages of GQ (whose editor, Jim Nelson, was seated just across the runway, and made sure to stop by for a chat with the guys).

It was Zac Efron’s first fashion show.

“I’m excited,” Efron told The Observer. “I’ve never seen the inner workings of the fashion industry. In the past couple weeks I’ve been hanging out a lot with the guys from the Calvin Klein collection. I’ve been wearing a lot of their suits so we’ve become, um, pretty good friends! They asked if I wanted to come in and see how it all really works. I mean, it’s fascinating.”

Can’t deny that Efron enthusiasm. He would have to wait a tad longer than expected for the show to begin — the mass of photographers and rubbernecking fans loitered near the center runway, awaiting the arrival of the Knicks forward.  But the tallest piece of the game-changing Jonas-Efron-Stoudemire runway trifecta did not arrive at the show, and the lights dimmed without him. Out of a clang of metal and churning machines the immortal bass line of Joy Division’s “No Love Lost” rumbled the floor, a thrilling start to an otherwise standard array of Fall apparel: puffy jackets, sleek coats, turtlenecks.

But: swag alert! Each of the attendees walked away with a bottle of Calvin Klein’s Eternity For Men. So, if there was a certain odor permeating the dude-heavy party at Le Bain last night, you know who to blame.

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Zac Efron Attends His Very First Runway Show, Calvin Klein