A2042 clears Telecommunications panel

TRENTON – The Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee unanimously passed bill A2042 that would provide additional credits when issuing solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) to owners using solar equipment manufactured in the state.

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo said the increased credit would help create jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector.  

Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel said he had some concerns with the state getting involved in what is essentially a “free market” program.

“We start adding things, it’ll become a real mess,” he said.

He said he would prefer  a more comprehensive approach to encouraging renewable energy in the state, as opposed to passing incentive bills on a “piecemeal” basis.

The vote was 6-0. Republican Assembly members Joe Malone and David Rible did express some concerns but nonetheless expressed confidence in the bill.

Companies would be rewarded one SREC for every 850 kilowatts of solar energy produced instead of the previous one megawatt of energy previously awarded.


A2042 clears Telecommunications panel