Adobe Partners With Medialets to Battle Flash Backlash

Eric Litman

“Adobe is embedded in the creative community,” says Medialet’s CEO Eric Litman. “But there is a bunch of work to be done. Flash isn’t going to go away anytime soon and iOS isn’t going to open up to Flash.”

The solution? Adobe is bringing on Medialets to power its rich media ads. “It’s a deep integration, right into the workflow for InDesign and other publishing tools.”

Adobe’s future as the center of publishing is still unclear. Apple’s near complete control of the tablet market means they may have enough leverage to force a shift in strategy away from Flash completely.

But in terms of selling these same firms on their own branded advertising Apple is clearly having trouble. They just cut the price of an iAd campaign in half. And as Betabeat reported earlier, Medialets is winning customers even among Apple faithful like News Corp’s The Daily.


Adobe Partners With Medialets to Battle Flash Backlash