Anthony Weiner Says Have Your Iodine Pills Handy

Don Imus’ interview today with Rep. Anthony Weiner provides more fodder for Matt Chaban’s obsession with iodine consumption and nuclear disaster:

Imus: Finally, Governor Cuomo‘s concerned about Indian Point, are you? The nuclear facility.

Weiner: This is a good moment for us to take a look at the safety of all these nuclear power plants…

Imus: Should we close ’em?

Weiner: I trust that this audit that Cuomo is going to do is going to give us some information. I’m concerned about closing it outright, because frankly it’s an enormous amount of energy provided to my constituents in New York City. But all of that being said, one thing that I think that we should do is take some steps to make sure that people around nuclear power plants are equipped with the things that they need, like these iodine pills, for example, in case there is an emergency.


Anthony Weiner Says Have Your Iodine Pills Handy