“Ask Me Anything,” 4chan Founder Moot Says

The Christopher Poole media tour continues as Mr. Moot sets out to promote his new start-up, the web-based photo editor and meme-facilitator Canv.as. After a Variety story and South By Southwest keynote, Mr. Moot is taking to Reddit to answer questions such as “Are you a virgin?,” “What is your favorite meme?” and “How do you feel about the amount of Child Pornography that gets posted to /b/?”

Hi Redditors!

I’ve always enjoyed doing Q&A’s on 4chan, and have gotten a lot of requests to do an AMA on Reddit over the years.

My background: I founded 4chan in 2003, and have been working on a new site called Canvas, which launched two months ago in invite-only private beta.

Redditors can sign up for Canvas here: https://canv.as/redditors_only

The Canvas team—timothyfitz and roooney—will be helping me answer questions related to Canvas, and I’ll answer everything 4chan related.

Ask away!

Mr. Moot answered seven questions–he often gets recognized on the street, he does not use his 4chan fame to impress girls, 4chan is still run by just him and some volunteers, he still uses 4chan but posts anonymously. “Have you become 100 percent immune to the horrors of the internet over the years?” one Redditor asked.

“Not entirely, but there isn’t much that phases me at this point,” Mr. Moot said.

Mr. Moot informed Redditors that he had to take a break but would be spending “most of my day” hanging out in the thread. We expect to see lots about the radness of Canv.as, not as much about the evils of 4chan.

Hope he answers this one: “How do you justify rallying against the lack of anonymity that Facebook provides and then requiring it for your next project?”

It’ll be interesting to see if the experienced Photoshoppers at Reddit think of Canv.as. Like most entertainment, the majority of meme content is created by a small subset of the total audience. Most of us are content to enjoy and maybe reblog a LOLcat–more elite users make LOLcats. Canv.as was designed as an easy-to-use, minimalist photo editor that makes meme-making easier and less intimidating with the hope of getting some of the fans on the sidelines into the game.

“Ask Me Anything,” 4chan Founder Moot Says