Bloomberg Ad Defends Bloomberg Budget

Mayor Bloomberg is paying to run new, campaign-style television ads defending his budget, taking a page from the group of business leaders who have spent over a million dollars defending Governor Cuomo’s agenda in Albany. [Update: Video embeded below]

Bloomberg appears in the ad himself, which he is paying for, personally, but does not speak. A narrator touts the mayor’s “independence” and maintenance of services. Halfway through, the narrator says, “Albany budget cuts threaten teacher layoffs.”

Union officials, and Cuomo aides, have said teacher layoffs are not necessary, and that better management of districts could help absorb the cuts the governor is proposing.

The teachers union has been running television ads urging Bloomberg to drop his plans to lay off thousands of teachers. Daily newspapers have been running ads from the police and firemen’s union, criticizing the mayor’s plan to change their pension benefits.

“One side has been presented on television and now it’s time to present the other side,” Bloomberg’s senior advisor Howard Wolfson told NY1.

The ads, according to NY1, which got a sneak preview of the ads, were produced by the same ad makers who worked for Bloomberg’s re-election campaign, Squier Knapp Dunn Communications.

The ad also features shots of Bloomberg that resemble images used in his 2009 television ads: Bloomberg, in a tie, no jacket – talking to a similarly dressed man while poring over papers in a sun-drenched office; Bloomberg, in a pink shirt dress shirt and khakis, walking down the street, talking to school children with building back packs.

Bloomberg Ad Defends Bloomberg Budget