Bloomberg: Teacher Seniority Is 'Irrelevant' in Teacher Evaluation

Mayor Bloomberg further distanced himself from Governor Andrew Cuomo today, telling reporters “the length of time that you have worked is irrelevant” to evaluating teachers.

Unnamed Bloomberg aides were quoted in the Daily News saying Cuomo’s legislation to revise teacher seniority rules were a “sham” and, possibly, the created by the teacher’s union.

Cuomo’s proposal would take seniority into account, along with a as-yet-to-be created evaluation system.

Speaking at Pier 92 for the start of their annual art show, Bloomberg said “the length of time that you have worked is irrelevant to whether or not you can do what our children need.” When asked about comments attributed to his unnamed aides, Bloomberg would only say he hasn’t seen the governor’s bill.

While the mayor didn’t attack the governor as harshly as his anonymous aides did, Bloomberg did make clear exactly what he wanted the governor to do.

“There is a simple test that we’re going to apply to anything that he does,” said Bloomberg. “Does it repeal ‘Last in First Out,’ that law, and allow the city to lay off teachers based on merit this year? Anything short of that will harm our students and jeopardize the [progress] that we made to the schools.”

“The governor still has two days to put the senate bill in his budget,” Bloomberg said. “If it doesn’t repeal LIFO, it simply kicks the can down the road and it will kick some of our best teachers to the curb and I think that would be a travesty.” Bloomberg: Teacher Seniority Is 'Irrelevant' in Teacher Evaluation