Bloomberg Totally Crushing on Stanford for Planned Tech Campus

Mayor Mike is ready to heavily subsidize a university to build an applied sciences outpost in New York, and it’s looking like it could be Stanford. Eighteen schools submitted proposals by the March 15 deadline, but the mayor’s office keeps shouting out the Palo Alto institution in speeches and press releases. And if the goal is to encourage tech entrepreneurship, what school could be better?

“The initial response we’ve gotten from universities has been very encouraging. We’re particularly pleased that Stanford–which has a top-flight engineering school–is considering the idea,” he said in prepared remarks two weeks ago at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

“We are offering the world’s great universities a simple proposition: Build a world-class engineering or applied sciences research center–and we’ll work with you to provide the land, as well as some of the funding,” he pitched.

The crush is mutual–Stanford’s president John Hennessy is a Long Islander who has spoken highly of the plan for a New York outpost in remarks to faculty.

There are 17 other proposals in the running from schools around the world. Some schools submitted individually; others submitted their proposals in partnership.

Mr. Bloomberg is also compiling a quantitative study of New York’s tech sector, which his office is calling the Innovation Index. The index will track VC investment, federal research grants received, employment in science and engineering, new patents and other metrics. “Anecdotally, we know there has been a big uptick in innovation activity in New York City, but now we’re also seeking to quantify our progress,” he said. The Index will be out sometime next week. Bloomberg Totally Crushing on Stanford for Planned Tech Campus