Bus safety bill tabled

TRENTON – Sen. Linda Greenstein, (D-14), of Monroe, requested the Education Committee table a bill Thursday that would give school boards the authority to deny a service contract to a bus/transportation company if their buses were found to have safety problems in the prior school year.

She said a meeting needs to take place with all the stakeholders to make sure “everyone is on the same page” before her bill, S2505, is passed by the committee.

Presently, she said there seems to be inconsistency on why buses fail.

“The dispute at the moment is whether the regulations are strictly about safety or for very small things,” she said.

She has been told by some bus companies that their buses were declared “out of service” for such minor things as an empty bottle being left on the bus, or a Magic Marker spot on the bus, instead of major safety issues like brake problems.

She suggested the bill be reviewed after the Motor Vehicle Commission releases its new set of regulations on April 8. Bus safety bill tabled