Christie exits redistricting meeting quietly

NEW BRUNSWICK – With a foursome of reporters parked outside the second floor conference room, Gov. Chris Christie made his move, having completed his stay with the redistricting squad that soon also exited from the Heldrich Hotel, albeit, not as swiftly or quietly.

Christie quickly dodged the press, into a side stairwell – straight-faced ignoring all questions – and down the stairs with haste as reporters trailed, leaving roughly nine hours after he arrived at 10 a.m. this morning.

Also exiting, GOP apportionment co-chairman Jay Webber said a few minutes later, “It was good to see him.”

Webber said he saw no problem with Christie attending the informal, but private meetings today – there are no “separation of powers” problems like the ones Democrats are discussing, he said.

“He’s the head of the party,” Webber said, conceding the moniker is unofficial.

The Dems’ apportionment co-chairman, John Wisniewski, said, “His presence here speaks for itself.”

Wisniewski said although it doesn’t make his team’s job any harder, by the governor involving himself, it starts “blurring the lines” of a legislative process that is later certified by the executive branch.

Christie exits redistricting meeting quietly