Christie sets out Xanadu conditions

NUTLEY – If a developer resurrects Xanadu in the Meadowlands and wants state dollars, Gov. Chris Christie will insist on a piece of the ownership of the stalled pleasure and commercial hub.

“I would do the same thing with Xanadu if they ask for a state investment so we get money back and maybe a plus,” the governor said Thursday at a town hall here, referring to the agreement he struck with Revel in Atlantic City earlier this year.

“They have to finish it, and they have to give us a piece of the action,” said the governor. 

“And they have to change the God awful (exterior),” he added of the $40 million Xanadu exterior. “It is the ugliest damn building… maybe in America.” 

If there is a state agreement, Xanadu will change the exterior, the governor promised to applause here at his Frank Cocchiola Recreation Center town hall.

Christie sets out Xanadu conditions