Christie signs law prohibiting exclusion of unemployed from employment ads

Gov. Chris Christie has signed into law a bill prohibiting the practice of excluding jobless persons in ads for job vacancies.

The law, A3359/S2388, was signed Tuesday.        

The legislation was sponsored by Assembly Democrats Peter J. Barnes III, Elease Evans and Celeste Riley to make it illegal for employers to ask out-of-work New Jerseyans not to apply for jobs.

The bill was approved by the Legislature late last year, but the governor conditionally vetoed it. The Assembly then voted 72-5 to approve the revised bill, while the Senate voted 32-2 to approve it.

The revamped law A-3359 prohibits an employer from publishing an advertisement for a job that announces that unemployed individuals cannot apply for the job vacancy.

“This unacceptable trend of purposefully bypassing unemployed New Jerseyans when looking to fill job openings is inexplicable but is now closer to coming to an end,” said Barnes in a release.

In the Senate, the legislation was sponsored by Jim Beach, (D-6), Camden, and Fred Madden (D-4), Gloucester, Camden.

“For the countless residents who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, these ads just add insult to injury, especially when they see an opening for which they would be a perfect fit,” said Beach in a release.. “Businesses that make it a point to exclude the unemployed from consideration are not only passing up on the chance to attract qualified candidates, but are only making the employment picture worse for the entire state.”

Christie signs law prohibiting exclusion of unemployed from employment ads