Christie to Spicuzzo: Time to go

Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday called on former Middlesex County Sheriff Joe Spicuzzo to step down from his post at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

Spicuzzo was arrested on corruption charges Monday and promptly resigned his post as Middlesex County Democratic Committee chairman.

In calling for his resignation, Christie said Spicuzzo could become a distraction at the NJSEA.

“Given the seriousness of the criminal charges, your continued participation in NJSEA affairs would be disruptive to the effective and orderly operation of the NJSEA, and could lead the public to question the integrity of the actions of the NJSEA,” Christie wrote in a letter to Spicuzzo. “The conduct of one individual Commissioner cannot be permitted to cloud the work of the entire NJSEA in acting to further these goals.” Christie to Spicuzzo: Time to go