Commerce committee advances A3233

44ENTON – The Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee passed by a vote of 4-1 bill A3233 that would exempt car-sharing programs from motor vehicle rental fees.

It would exempt car-sharing programs, in which customers generally rent automobiles on an hourly basis, from the $5 per-day “homeland security” tax.

Representatives from Enterprise and Hertz urged the bill be amended in order to not make it seem it favors one industry over another.

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco voted against the bill, saying not having the same rules apply for similar industries “puts us back,” especially given that the state has a “hostile” reputation when it comes to its business climate.

He said he hopes by the time the bill reaches the Assembly floor, amendments are made to the bill.

Zipcar is an example of a car-sharing company. It is not a rental car company, like Hertz or Enterprise are.

Representatives from rental car companies also told the committee that they have also added programs where customers can rent cars on an hourly basis, and not just by the day.

The $5 fee is known as a domestic security fee.

  Commerce committee advances A3233