Coniglio to be resentenced today

Former state Sen. Joe Coniglio is due back in court today to be resentenced on his conviction for extortion.

Earlier this month a federal appeals court threw out all but on conviction against the 68-year-old Coniglio, who was found guilty in 1999 of steering state money to Hackensack Medical Center in exchange for a consulting job with the hospital.

Coniglio’s convictions for theft of honest services were thrown out after a Supreme Court case last year more clearly defined the law.

Coniglio was accused of steering more than $1 million to the medical center in exchange for a $5,000 per month consulting deal.

The former senator was originally sentenced to several 30-month terms that were to be served concurrently.  He has been serving his time in a federal work camp.

Coniglio to be resentenced today