Coolish Art-Up Sends Betabeat an Email

Haven’t used this app, but it sounds rad–New York-based Collectrium maybe has a bit of an inferiority complex with all the press about, Artsicle and other art-ups (COINING THIS –ed.), but a rep sent us a cogent pitch: It’s image recognition and QR codes for art, so you can snap a photo of a piece for later reference.

It’ll depend on execution and the comprehensiveness of the database, and I don’t know about this line: “Collectrium empowers the ‘inner curator’ in all of us,” but I’m down to replace my strategy of writing down artist names in a Moleskine and never consulting them again with a running catalog that might actually help me attain minimal fluency in art stuff and maybe lead to some cool posters on a wall. There are also easy revenue streams so it could potentially still be around in a year.

“The Collectrium mobile app functions both as an image recognition tool, as well as a QR code scanner, so while you’re browsing the fairs during Armory Week, you can aim your phone at a piece of art and if the artwork is in the system, you’ll instantly get details about it–artist, materials, dimensions, provenance–and most importantly, you can contact the gallery. Not only that, but you can also save all your favorites and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.”

Also: “It’s rapidly expanding to become THE mobile app provider not just for art fairs, but for individual galleries, as well as heading toward phase two of their business as an online database and inventory management system for galleries and collectors to store and manage works of art, which includes valuable investment information such as provenance, art historical references, financial history of an art piece, etc.”

They’re redesigning their website and are “on the cusp of securing a large amount of financing… but more on that later.”

Disclosure. Coolish Art-Up Sends Betabeat an Email