Courtesy of Burning Man, a Reminder Spring Isn't Quite Here Yet

What could New Yorkers be looking forward to more after getting slammed repeatedly by snowstorm after snowstorm through the long winter months than a sign that spring is on the way?

Especially if that sign is a 34-foot-high stainless steel sculpture of a daisy perched atop yet another faceless Chelsea luxury building. The Observer expected some budding leaves, temperatures above 40, fixed potholes or even seasonal allergies. But no. We get a sculpture, and from Burning Man no less.

Fine, maybe the snark is coming out since warmer temps and longer days are so close The Observer can almost taste them, but after being teased with a series of rose sculptures along Park Avenue in January we just want something tangible.

The sculpture, put together by Robert Buchholz and entitled “Perhaps,” tops off the Centaur Properties-developed condo at 305 West 16th Street. Centaur principal and art enthusiast Harlan Berger selected the peice for the Chelsea building as the neighborhood is “the hub of Manhattan’s art scene, known for its galleries and diverse artistic community.”

“Having this iconic work of art atop 305 W 16 celebrates the arts scene that has become synonymous with Chelsea, and provides a unique focal point for this dynamic neighborhood,” Berger said in a release.

Berger first saw “Perhaps” at Burning Man four summers ago. Later he met with Buchholz to discuss purchasing another one of the sculptor’s peices, but instead saw a photo of the sculpture and moved to buy that instead. The release made no mention of Berger’s mental state when first encountering “Perhaps.”

All 5,000-plus pounds of “Perhaps” is meant to signify Buchholz, his mother and his father, represented each by one of three daisies, who he says have come to mean more to him as he has gotten older.

The release made no mention of Buchholz’s mental state when building “Perhaps.”

Courtesy of Burning Man, a Reminder Spring Isn't Quite Here Yet