CWA negotiating in public; Christie: they’re ‘uncomfortable’ with me

TRENTON – The state’s biggest public union, the Communications Workers of America, (CWA), is going public with a major part of its collective bargaining proposal this afternoon.

The CWA is releasing its health care benefits proposal to Gov. Chris Christie, offered at the first session of negotiations with the Christie administration last Friday.

Union leaders claim their version of health care – achieved through negotiations, not legislation – would “result in major savings to the state by progressively shifting some costs onto plan participants, reforming pharmaceutical purchases, and incentivizing healthy lifestyle choices for public employees.”

In Newark today for a school opening, Christie took shots at the unions before they even got going. “They should really stop the whining,” Christie said.

 “They don’t cry when benefits get locked in statutorily by the Legislature, and when the Legislature continues to narrow the ground on which we can negotiate. When you’re Jon Corzine on the steps of the Statehouse, when you’re in the pocket of the unions, you have no choice. I’m not. When they get uncomfortable, they start whining and moaning and complaining.”


CWA negotiating in public; Christie: they’re ‘uncomfortable’ with me