Defending Public Radio

A colleague jokes that NPR’s lobby is…elected officials. And this email, from Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s spokesman, only underscores that point, coming hours after a similar one from Rep. Steve Israel.

De Blasio’s spokesman:

Today, House Republicans are calling an emergency meeting to cut 100% of federal funding to public broadcasting.

If they have their way, New York City just might lose WNYC, our flagship public radio station.

Every week, over one million New Yorkers rely on WNYC for trusted news and programming. We must keep it on air.

Now, public radio stations like WNYC are relying on listeners like you to help pressure Congress to restore their funding.

Keep public broadcasting alive by contacting by clicking here to send an e-mail to your Congress Members.

Thank you,

Matt Wing

Communications Director

Office of the Public Advocate

Defending Public Radio