Drop the Ban Hammer, Sulia Scores Partnership With Twitter

It’s a scary time for folks developing applications and services on top of Twitter.

Third party ads got the ax a while back, and more recently Twitter platform lead Ryan Sarver wrote a post laying out a number of approaches to building on top of Twitter that would no longer be tolerated.

Today the company gave folks a peek at the kind of partnership it does want, announcing Twitter will work with New York startup Sulia to create curated topic lists for publishers.

This seems a little strange to Betabeat, since there are already lot of great lists created by Twitter’s users that help to sort out different topics to follow and who is a reliable or relevant source. We follow lists of NY VC, startups and tech news.

But that is really a way for pro users to sort out different streams of interest. For Twitter to be a real business,  content has to be moderated with an eye to what advertisers want.

Publishers like WSJ.com, Washington Post and Tweetdeck have apparently signed up and will pay Sulia for these curated lists, so there is some strong initial demand to get experts on topics presented in a trusted format. Plus Twitter and Tweetdeck could use a great tool for searching out new lists.




Drop the Ban Hammer, Sulia Scores Partnership With Twitter